Your Guide for
Manifesting a Courageous
Life without Limits
31 Days of Truth provides daily Truth for tapping into your Passion, Power, & Perseverance to overcome common life's struggles.
Each Truth is straight to point without all the fluff wrapped in motivation and tied with an inspirational bow.
Gain Clarity & Build Confidence to walk in your greatness to draw in the new opportunities waiting for you.
Gain the Courage needed to embrace change to attract more joy, peace, & happiness in your life.
A Moment of Truth
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LaKitia M. Woodard possesses a passion for empowering women and holds a MBA Global Management. For over 10 years, she's motivated and captivated women on personal development. Her passion blossomed during her matriculation at Clark Atlanta University when she joined the group Youthful Survivors traveling across the country sharing her story of surviving sexual abuse.

During her career, she unmasked the ugly truth to most problems among women: lack of self-awareness. In order to solve this issue A Sister's Truth (AST) was founded. AST is a Sister Coaching business helping women to Discover, Define, and Live their Truth for manifesting a courageous life without limits. As a Sister Coach, she provides women with the necessary tools and encouragement to stay true to themselves for a purpose driven life. Additionally, as a motivational speaker, LaKitia teaches women the importance of accepting their flaws for personal growth and happiness.

Words of Encouragement
Forgiving is never easy to do but it's necessary for growth and acceptance.
Shake It Off
It's not only the HUGE hurdles that distract us from our destiny, the small attacks have a major impact too.
Do It Afraid
Daily our fears keep us too afraid to live out loud. Why is that? Find out what you can do to switch it up and live courageously.
Hard Truths on Life, Love, & Mindset
This book serves as your lifeline to transforming common struggles into triumphs!